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9th Annual Protector Retreat

January 18-22

at Ninole Retreat Center

with Lama Tempa, Lama Lodu Zangpo and Nyungne Lama

January 17 Torma Making Day: beginning at 8am. Come help Lama Tempa make the offering tormas. If you cannot attend the rest of the retreat, this is a good way to check in with the lamas and learn.

January 18-22          Mahakala Drup Tab, Hayagriva, White Mahakala, Palden Lhamo and Five Deities Sadhanas

First session:  6.00am to 9.00am.   Second session: 10.00am to 1.00pm.   Third session: 3.00pm to 6.30pm

Same schedule for all five days

                        During this five day ceremony, our lamas will lead us in Tibetan Buddhist practices to dispel obstacles and create auspicious conditions for the new year.  This involves chanting, drumming, mantra recitation and visualization. All are invited to donate food, help or money to sponsor this event and thus accumulate great merit. A four wheel drive vehicle is needed for final portion of road, but help with transportation is possible. Students are welcome to stay on the premises for the duration of the retreat but there is limited bed space available in the center itself. Please RSVP to Shelley 808-895-1563 if you plan on coming in order to get directions as well.

Through this practice:

  • a)  Pacify sickness, hindrances, and troubles.
    b)  Increase life, good qualities and wisdom.
    c)  Attract whatever Dharma practitioners need and bring people to the Dharma.

    d)  Destroy confusion, doubt, and ignorance.

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