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Dear Nyung Ne Participant:

We recommend that you read “Attaining Enlightenment” by Lama Lodu Rinpoche, which will give you some understanding of the vows/precepts and general organization of the Nyung Ne Retreat. Of course to fully understand, nothing beats actual experience.

Any one who has taken refuge may participate in the retreat. All else that is required is a commitment to seeing the retreat through to completion.

It is highly recommended that you stay and sleep on the premises, as it will be under a protective mandala for the duration of the retreat. Please bring a sleeping bag or air mattress and any bedding you need to feel comfortable. Also don’t forget change of clothes and any toiletries. If you are taking medicines, those are approved for use during the whole retreat, though you will need to swallow them without water on the “dry” day (see p. 16).

If you want anything particular to drink (clear liquids) on the first day, make sure to bring that. We will supply a vegetarian lunch on the first day and breakfast on the last morning.  Foods that are to be avoided during the retreat include onion, radish, garlic, eggs, meat, fish, bean, leeks and horseradish. Appropriate foods include fruit, vegetables, wheat, rice, milk, cheese and butter.

We recommend you bring your bell and dorje, mala, and other dharma gear you might need. Nyungne Lama likes to do Chod and Mahakala in the evenings after the Nyung Ne pujas are completed, and you are welcome to participate in those as well. If you would like to bring an additional offering, flowers always add to the shrine’s ambience.

We are excited to have you joining us for your first Nyung Ne. It is an important dharma experience you will never forget and that will bless you for lifetimes to come! (Remember, a sense of humor is mandatory).

If you have any special needs that might interfere with you ability to take the vows, please talk to Nyungne Lama ahead of time.

Thank you,

Shelley Ham


Rangjung Kunchyab Rime Ling