Protector Retreat 2008

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lama gyaltsen making torma dough
cathy helping lama tempa make tormas
lama gyaltsen explaining about the three main tormas
shaping the torma dough
ellen and momi look on
lama gyaltsen
mass of torma offerings
visiting monk
viewing the tormas
soaking in the torma energy
lama gyaltsen painting the gektors
teacher on way to teach in berkeley
thanks for the nourishment!
after dinner discussion
gathering the tsok offerings
tsok offerings
ellen modeling her mala
taking a break
anna and ashley
lama gyaltsen in front of lineage thankga
lama tempa rings the beckoning bell
john and lama gyaltsen
offering mudra
nyungne lama
lama tempa with tibetan cymbals
nyungne lama with cymbals
lama gyaltsen playing temple drum
john and his gau
kim as chopon
dispensing the offering nectar
nectar for lama gyaltsen
teachers in hats
kim in royal garb
hatted cathy
lama gyaltsen with the misers
lama gyaltsen demonstrating the heads bob!
fun at breakfast as the retreat progresses
lama tempa's turn with the miser brothers
can't get enough!
barb hatted
nyungne lama gampopafied
louis in the spirit
lama gyaltsen meditating
lama gyaltsen waving flag
john playing temple drum
studying the druptab
chanting in tibetan
the pace can get fierce
nyungne lama chanting
austin joins us
happy cheryl
cameron hatted
lama tempa with flag
hayagriva looks on
nyungne lama with cymbals
barb and shakyamuni
lama gyaltsen sets the pace
students chanting
lama tempa happy with tsok offerings
break time
momi greets the lamas
lama gyaltsen weighs momi
anna and mailelaulani
cameron as chopon
nyungne lama
nyungne lama closeup
torma making round two
maile and cameron look on
lama gyaltsen shaping torma
lama tempa and hayagriva
lama gyaltsen walking with jou jou
jou jou taking lama gyaltsen for a run
part 2
part 3
part 4
wendy in hat
new to the retreat
the shrine at night
our shrine
cathy sponsoring dinner
the camerawoman
sometimes it's hard
lama tempa lighting candles
nyungne lama studying the text
protected out
gail and maile
cameron and grace
ellen and jou jou
taking a breather
tibetan speech for the lamas
making the buddha appear
must be gettin near the end
making lunch
mark and anna join us
more chanting
chopon helping distribute tsok
gail presenting kata
kata head
grace presenting kata
mailelaulani presenting kata
john blessed
anna and lama tempa
john and nyungne lama
anna presenting kata
lama tempa and gail
anna and the lamas
stuffed with soup and feelin wild
the end