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Protector Retreat 2007

east coast influence fans
lama tempa with kathy
lama tempa with tormas
kathy and kim
time out for a coke
john and cam
sounding the cymbals
calling the protectors
calling white mahakala
break time
contemplating lineage
awaiting the lama
what is lama doing?
preparing the kapala
donning gampopa's hat
hawaii lama
lamas chanting
nyungne lama in ceremonial hat
lama tempa using temple drum
meditating while visualizing the deity
working on the proper way to hold the mala
bill et al
tsok offering
conflict resolution
joyful students
joyful lama
dignified lama
happy lama
this is puzzling
from chenrezig to guru
nyungne lama with prayer wheel
one of our chefs
cramming on break
wynnelle and juju
it is a long story...
this man likes his job!
easier to follow along
seasoned students
cute but serious
you should be so lucky next life
extra blessings
one diligent practitioner
shrine helper
yet another student blessed
better than a ball game
yogi blessed
cam taming the prayer wheel
disciples and dog
always gorgeous
nyungne lama expresses his gratitude
khata gifts
center offering
and that's it folks!
john with khata
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