Lama Karma Rinchen: Vajrasattva Empowerment 2007

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lama rinchen in front of the shrine offerings
the lama's in the beautiful columbarium
who is vajrasattva
bell stands for wisdom
explanation of the empowerment
listening carefully
cameron with incense
holding the bell and dorje
intently reading
nyungne lama
cameron doing a great job as chopon
mandala offering mudra
in prayer
lama rinchen holding the bumpa
ready to be empowered
kathy blessed
mantra empowerment
nyungne lama looks on
wonderful  students
the end
a job well done
mark and lama rinchen
mark presents his tsa tsas
chatting after the teachings
exploring hawaii
on his dharma centers new property
the venerable lama karma rinchen
with maile
matt and lama
serious students
the lamas
the sangha
clean up