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Lama Lodu Rinpoche Teachings 2005

rinpoche on his throne
rinpoche with bumpas
students all ears
1000-armed lama
bobby with rinpoche
em empowered
barb protected
attentive students
1000-arm thangka
relics queen
teaching on 1000-armed chenrezig
rinpoche with damaru
happy students
nyungne lama in embrace mudra
four deities mandala
barb receiving empowerment
nyungne offering mandala
rapt students
the lamas
michael taking refuge
shelley and barb
rinpoche offering mandala
rinpoche with roses
smiling lama
giving refuge
blissful students
radiant wisdom
nyungne lama with gau
happy lamas
cutting of the hair
what a group
comtemplating the three jewels?
during the teachings
wendy and ann
lama wisdom
Pictures of Rinpoche exploring Hawaii

most pictures courtesy of Wendy Arbeit