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Fire Puja 2006, with Lama Gyaltsen

discussion after relics tour
starting the puja
starting to rain
lama gyaltsen
offering of smells
two man band
smoked out
shrine setup
students look on
setting down the mandala
drawn by lama gyaltsen
tailgate offerings
mark and lama chat
prepping the ingredients
take note of these necessary offerings
offerings ready
hot stuff
wrathful cymbals
happy drum sounds
preparing the equipment
rains coming
amused student
stupa hat
gardenias from lama
adding oil
feeding the fire
juju and ellen
students look on
adding alcohol
wilson holding bhumpa
offering rice
offering of honey and flour
offering more grains
We begin the fire puja by reciting the text "The Mountain of Burnt Offerings (Ri wo sang cho kyi dak don trig kol zhug)". After setting down the mandala, the lamas recite the Hayagriva and Five Deities sadhanas. Then the food offerings are burned.